A Limited NFT Collection of 10,000 Wall Street Rats Living on The Ethereum Blockchain 

Pre Sale Start October 19,2021! Join our discord to make sure you don't miss out! 

Welcome to the Wall Street Rats

The world is a corrupt and dangerous place and it's run by these guys right here. They come in all different breeds and colors. Their bank accounts are full, their yachts are docked, their planes are private, they kill, rob, murder, and steal from the poor just like history has always shown us. These guys are true middlemen, the illuminati.  BIG DATA, BIG PHARMA, BIG POLITICS, BIG OIL, BIG WEAPONS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE, STOCK MARKET, DEFINITELY CRYPTO, AND PROBABLY EVEN HUMAN TRAFFICKING (EPSTEIN). So this project is clearly a spoof on the system. We are the rebels, let's form our own rat army, let's flip the system upside down, we are the chads, the degens, the guys that don't play by the rules. We are the rat army,  we are THE WALL STREET RATS.  

Equal Distribution: All Wall Street Rats Are The Same Price For Everybody! 

The cost to buy a Wall Street Rat is 0.08 ETH. 

 * 3% Royalty to all first time minters on future sales. *

Loyalty is everything!  

The Deets...

Each Wall Street Rat is unique from one an another. We have pre-programmed over 160 possible traits including facial structure, brain sizes, hair, hats, skin color, weapons, yuppy style choices, and more!! 

All rats  are sleazy, rich, narcissistic, and greedy, but some are intrinsically and obviously better than others. 

The rats are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.) Purchasing a rat costs 0.08 ETH.

Enter your info to win a 2020 Maserati Ghibli that will be raffled off once all the rats have been sold. 

Welcome To The Most Corrupt NFT Membership In The Metaverse

When you buy a Wall Street Rat you're not just buying a picture of a rat. 

Road Map Activations...

  • Holder 3% royalty on all future projects
  • ​Buy more than 3 rats adn get 4th free during presale. 
  • ​NFT Holders receive 5% of gross revenue distributed on merch store sales
  • ​Pre sale access to Drug Drops for Wall St Rat Holders - Morphed Rats will unlock stripper girlfriends 
  • ​Pre Sale Completion Merchandise Store will launch 
  • ​Celebrity Rats creation - celebrity performances by celebrity rats
  • ​Comic book creation every month on developing storylines of the Wall St Rat World
  • ​Monthly 5 minute cartoon episodes dropped to youtube every month featuring different rats
  • ​Yearly cartoon movie production- nft holder viewing party 
  • SEC Cops- introduction to avatar
  • ​Police academy - create avatar for cops 
  • ​Create avatar for wives of rats
  • Spawned Trust Fund Babies​
  • ​Connect Rats to Musicians and Comedians - open gateway to buy unique music and comedy sketches for any rat - price delivery options will be available to mint and order on certain days of the month
  • ​Monthly rap song - freestyle battles
  • ​Connect your rat to a digital artist 
  • ​NFT Holder 3% royalty on all future projects
  •  Royalty for rat holders on all future proceeds of project launches
  • ​Comedy Club of all avatars to be created and have monthly comedy shows
  • ​Connecting real world artists to NFTS and their respective avatars
  • ​Real time order form - if you hold an nft to be able to get a delivery of a custom song, cartoon, piece of custom art,  or comedy routine of your character delivering it visually.

The Team...

The Wall Street Rats was created by a group of hardened entrepreneurs who have been on both sides of the fucking. There's always a bigger rat out there. 

Brooklyn Boris: Financial Forecasting, Money raise, It's a wazi, it's a woozy, it's fairy dust. (Not on the elemental scale)

Big Daddy Distribution: Distribution of goods and services -  Marketing Wizard 7'2" 

Lehman Brothers (Larry + Lenny, 2 wrongs don't make a right): Our Friends on Wall Street

Rush: Video, Music, Hollywood Guy (You always need a hollywood guy)

Mr. Hirsch: Insurance and Law, legal department (In case we need bail)

The Wolf: Nuff said...
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